Poker Video Game Strategies

Poker Video Game Strategies

Look carefully at the 5 books you receive and decide whether to keep them or not. Sometimes it is advisable to throw them all to improve your chances of winning. See what winning combinations you have the chance to accomplish by keeping books. It is always advisable to keep 2 pairs, three pieces of the same type, four of the same value, do not say the Color Straight or Royal Straight to be retained if you catch it for the first time in a book.

If you have two pairs you can change the fifth card and thus increase your chances to make full (3 cards the same as a pair). If you have a Full House first you do not change anything because throwing some cards and changing them hard can get a better combination. When you have three cards that can help form a Chinte Royale, the remaining two remaining cards are retained and changed. Do not give up, you may not have the luck of a combination of this level and do not change three cards the same, you can only remove the rest of the cards (the two different) to get new ones, the chance may be to get a more valuable combination, such as a Full.

If you have 5 different cards that do not inspire the possibility of a valuable combination but one of them is great, keep it and change the other four. If you have 2 big cards in the group of 5 different cards without the possibility of a winning combination you can keep the two cards and change the 3 small cards as a value. If 4 of 5 cards match a combination of Royal Flush and the fifth card form a pair with one of the four does not have to take into account the pair, it is good to go on the possibility of realizing the Royal Straight and so it will change the fifth book.


Use tips to Succeed

  • It is good to have some poker experience before accessing online video poker at Joker 123 Casino. You can play real poker with your friends and then after you know the rules of the chosen video poker game you will have the opportunity to make better combinations.
  • You do not have to drink alcohol because you may not be able to concentrate well on the game and thus making not-so-good decisions to reduce your chances of winning. In general, a poker player is good at being calm, so you do not have to play if you are nervous, upset, agitated, tired or dizzy. Do not stay in the company or near a person who has a lot of alcohol while playing video poker because he can distract you.
  • Choose video poker games where they show exactly the winning data. He does not choose slots that allow only the maximum bet. If more play then the chances of winning are higher.
  • Do not use slots that seem damaged or do not work properly, better stop playing if there are no slot machines available, rather than losing and getting angry.